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Just bought an S-Class, would like to add some options.

Hi there,

I have just recently bought a new S320L (99 V-Reg), and would now like to add some options, but would like some advice.

1) New alloys:

I currently have the stock 16" rims, but would like to upgrade to 17/18" ones. Would the 17's offer beter ride quality than the 18's? Ride comfort is a priority.

where would be the best place to buy them? I want originals or very high quality replicas.

2) Tinted windows:

I currently have very lightly smoke tinted windows, but want them darker, for privacy. I don't want them totally blacked out, but still quie dark. Quality is of paramount importance here, I got a job done on my old car, and bubbles appeared afer a couple of months. This cannot occur again.

Would it much more expensive to actually replace the glass as opposed to using film?

Again, some advice on where to go would be great.

3) Satnav/Command:

I don't currently have any type of satnav, but would like it. How much would it cost to retrofit the original command system? Is it possible to fit the new system, or is only the old one possible?

Where could i go besides Mercedes?

4) Rear air conditioning control:

Is there any way to retrofit this?

How much would these things roughly cost from Mercedes?

I would appreciate any answers to any of the questions, and once again, let me stress that qualiy is top prioriy here. I would rather go without than have a second rate job.

Thank you.

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