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300 SE

I don't know if you are having any oil consumption problems with your current 89 300se, but that seems to be a problem with most straight 6's found in the 300 series. I have an 89 300se with 187k and a 90 420 with 106k. My 300 has the oil problem. It consumes about a quart to a quart and a half every 800-900 miles. This is very annoying on a trip because you have to constantly stop and check the oil, due to the light coming on the dash. My 420 has the v8 and (knock on wood) does not consume a drop of oil. I love the 300 series, but if and when I buy another 126, it will be a 420 or above. The ride is better, the 420 does not get that bad of gas mileage for the motor and I don't have to deal with a oil problem. It sounds like on the 91 that you found, there are quite a few small problems. I agree with the other benzer, if you have the tools and can do some of the checking/fixing yourself, the problems would not matter that much because the car itself, if taken care of, will go for a long time.
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