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Hey Carrameow - I am 56 and have spent all my free time since May working on the six cars in my family and stripping down a 1986 Jetta diesel to the bare body - cleaning and replacing interior as required, sanding and re-painting it and completely going through all the mechanicals including dropping in another engine and tranny - so my son's girlfriend can have a reliable car when she buys it from me next week. There are days I feel like 90 - but I enjoy it and as long as I can do it at my own pace (no time constraints) - I will continue. The satisfaction of having the cars all working great is worth it. You are only as old as you feel. I heat my house up here with wood in the winter. Being lazy I bought 6 cords of Ash firewood from a guy cut and split and delivered. When he brought it out, he looked like he was 60 -62 years old. He said he cuts the trees down and cuts them to length and splits them by hand " to keep busy". I asked him how he did that at his age. He said " you know, at 78 years old, if you don't keep active - everything slows down and the body aches" HE IS 78 YEARS OLD AND STILL DOING THIS GRUELLING WORK!! -----IF YOU ENJOY WORKING ON THE CARS - KEEP IT UP - YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD!
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