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I browsed your site, and I love your car. It's beautiful. I have a 92 400E, and I've started doing some work on it. I cant wait to put photos of it on the web, I'll think you like it. See, I own 2 bodyshops and garages, and a month ago I put a beautiful "monotone" paintjob on the car. Like you, i took the nasty grey grill out and painted it black. I tinted the windows as well. I want to put the Euro lights in from Bekkers, and I'm looking for 94/95 taillights. Those made a world of difference on your car! Something you might look into, i put APC Superplasma light bulbs in my headlights and fog lights. THe foglights used to be yellow but i took them out and broke the yellow filter off of the reflector. Looks ALOT better, especially with those super-high performance bulbs, almost like Xenon!!! Also, the soon as I pay off this last credit card, hehehe, Im ordering 18 X 8.5 rims from Bekker's. Some people try to tell me they wont fit, but they know nothing about "offset". Our cars (mine and yours) can accept rims up to 19 inches. (Well, if you have Sportline maybe you cant, but all 124 models can). I think that will be awesome. I cant wait. Anyway, I just wanted to congradulate you on your car, and express my excitedness on mine. When I get those photos i'll let you know. Talk to ya later!

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