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do not like it -- update

Well -- still out looking -- took the 88Sl into the dealer for the A/C vent problem -- I was not able to figure it out -- How do I get the service CD?

Back on topic -- a while back I said how I was not that excited about the new MB cars.

Well, I went and drove the new SL again -- they had a black on black w/ many options -- all the crazy seat stuff -- I liked the panarama roof! AMG wheels and skirts. It was a nice car it - the 500 not the 55 (too$$)

They had a CLK500 -- with a "new release" option -adds 7K -- special black met paint upgraded leather with very nice wood trim + alcantera trim -- mag wheels etc . special headliner on top/ w electric lock a few other items.

This car was very very nice -- the quality of the special interior was first rate -- the paint was flawless. Wanted to drive it after the SL -- They sold it while I was out on the test drive!! I do not know if I would have bought it but it was a very smart looking and I was talking to myself -- always a bad sign!

Oh well - I will keep looking - the CLK CAB is hard to find they are all presold
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