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Your car sounds nice, what wheels do you plan on putting on it?

I am going to upgrade tot he euro's very soon, I plan on getting them for under $350 if I can.

The 94-95 tail light lenses I got from for $63 each side. cost me around $150, but that included california state tax and shipping.

I plan on putting on the 17" EVOII Wheels from bekkers, I am not sure if I can go with 8.25" Wheels, but if I can I will, if not I'll have to go with the 7.5" Wheels.

I might get the AMG Monoblock style, but I think I like the EVOII's better. The EVOII's look sweet on the 124 cars.

I look forward to seeing your car pics, it sounds sweet.

I was looking at 400e's when I decided on my car, I really wanted a coupe, but I also wanted the V8, I had to give one way or the other, and this coupe happend to fall into my lap at such a good price, well I had to buy it. hehe

Every day I can't believe I drive such a sweet car, every time one of my friends sees it for the first time, they do a double take and have to verify with me that it is my car.

I feel good driving the car, and I love the driving feel of the car.

BTW, got a site where I can get the lightbulbs from? I plan on rewiring the headlights with relays when I upgrade to the euro's, and plan on using some 80W Xenon style Bulbs I bought a month ago. I will put those in the Euro's, as I was warned not to use them with the factory headlights and wiring, to prevent any electrical disasters.


'92 300CE
Metallic Black (Blue Flaked) on Parchment
Clear Corners
94-95 Tail-Lights
Black Grille Insert
78.5k Miles

Future Upgrades:
Sportline Suspension
17" AMG Monoblocks or EVO II's
Euro Headlights
Performance Chip
AMG Exhaust

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