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In one of the other sections, in a post called Pix of 500E in Diamond Black, there is a 500e with the evoII's, it looks awesome.

The signum wheels look nice, but they are too agressive for my tastes. I'm more into the EVO II's or AMG Monoblocks or AMG 5 stars. The EVO II's to me are awesome, I can't wait to see how fat your car looks with those signums though.

I'll talk to the guy at bekkers and see what he says about fitament.

Thanks for the tip.

Now take some pics of that bad boy and post em up for us. hehe


'92 300CE
Metallic Black (Blue Flaked) on Parchment
Clear Corners
94-95 Tail-Lights
Black Grille Insert
16x7.5 Chrome Speedline 5 Star Wheels
79k Miles

Future Upgrades:
Sportline Suspension
17" EVO II's in 7.5" or 8.25" Width
Euro Headlights
Performance Chip
AMG Exhaust

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