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Ok, so I think to myself, this is ridiculous... someone must sell some flat top jack stands.

Took a long time searching, and as I searched, I gathered from my reading that the reason for the V-shaped top is so that the load centers itself.

This is probably especially important in lower-quality stands, where an off-center load would be more likely to topple the stand or snap the top.

But, finally I found some. AC Hydraulic brand, jack stand nirvana... mmmmm....

Ain't cheap, though. Ultimate Garage

A little cheaper here, flat-top version not mentioned but they may carry them. Automotive Service Equipment

The AC Hydraulic jacks seem to get rave reviews as well, at a semi-reasonable price for what looks like very high quality and exceptionally low-profile clearance. Here's one such review.

Aaaaahh.... no problem slippin' this beauty under a front spoiler:

I'm officially suffering from tool envy now!
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