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77 450 SEL: Hmmmm....Interesting!


(and I do mean good friends; we all save each other a lot of grief):

I had a feeling I was taking in way too much air. And hesitation after a while on acceleration (fluttering) was still present.

So, this morning, I checked. Air/idle screw was way up, like lots of turns counterclosckwise. And idel has always been way too much.

So I just turned it down about halfway. I know that'snot the way to do it, but it was part of my day's mystery episode.

Now: idle's down; and hesitation much less.

I'm wondering: perhaps I was running too lean, and too much air was starviong the engine.

Les air better.

Could this be?

Well, at least I know there's a relationship somehow between the air/idle and my hesitation.

what ya think?
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