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Just to close this thread...

It was a bad clutch!
Steve B. ended up replacing the clutch at his shop in Gainesville.

Wait!...There is more to the story worth mentioning.
I live in Jacksonville, Florida and Steve's shop is in Gainesville, Florida, about 60 miles away.
Once my problem was diagnosed as a bad clutch, I called Continental Imports on Monday and I talked to Walter (Steve's partner). He was in the process of delivering a car to Jacksonville this week. After talking to him, we agreed to meet in Jacksonville after he delivered that car and take my car back on Tuesday night and work on it the next day (wednesday). We did that and I picked up the car Wednesday afternoon in Gainesville which, also gave me a chance to visit my son who is going to the University of Florida. Eventhough, they had some problems locating the part, since my compressor is a rebuilt but, they came through!
I talked to Steve while I was there. I met him before. He is a super guy (he is even nicer in person) along with Walter and their crew.
Believe me, they have a very busy shop and to provide pick up and service the very next day!! Try that at any MB dealer.

Kudos to Steve and the whole crew at Continental Imports! If you live within his range, go visit him. He will not dissapoint you...

For those of you wondering, the service was NOT free, they have a business to run. I am just a very satisfied customer.
'86 300E
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