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Unhappy Wheel Bearing(?) - Vibration after Hunter GSP9700 balancing!!!


I have a dilemma here with my C280 Sport.

Bought new sets of Michelin's MXV4, the correct size and all after being balanced at the local shop I noticed a vibration between 65-80MPH so I went back and had the balance done again.

Well to make things short and after 3 times of doing the same thing I went to a place (Miami) that do high speed balancing on the car but that didn't work neither.

After all this and having to pay for the on car high speed balancing I returned to the shop (within 30 days of tire purchase) where I bought the tires (BJ's), screamed bloody murder and had the four tires replaced by the shop. To my great dissappointment the vibration continued and I took it upon this site recommendation to a local tire shop where they have the Hunter GSP9700 (as recommended at the GSP9700 website). Again this failed!!!!!!!

I have been wondering if the front wheel bearings has something to do with it. In the mornings before getting in the freeway I hear like a clicking noise when braking or slowing down and when the car takes speed and goes through a misleveled road I feel a rubbing noise, hard to describe.

Anyone have any ideas? Any good shop in Miami that can do a super job on balancing and inspecting the front suspension?

Your help and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

In advance thank you.

Rali Pertierra
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