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EJV, my mother has a 93' Lexus LS400 with almost 150k. Other than the very expensive 60k mile services, the LS is bullet proof. She has only taken the car to a Lexus dealer one time. That was only because she was out of town when the power steering pump failed and they charged $1000 to have it replaced! You can get the car serviced at a Toyota dealer for much less. They charge here about half what the Lexus dealer does for major service and oil changes. This car has been the cheapest foreign car to maintain than any other she has owned!

Now if you want a car that feels like a tank and has a drive that you can get involved with tell your brother to go with the MB! These cars have a feel about them one cannot explain! Thay may cost more to maintain but they carry more clout and they never go out of style! I have an 84' 300d that more people compliment than any of my other cars. That car does not rattle and it is as fresh and solid as new. My wife has to really push to close the doors! My mothers Lexus is an effortless cloud. It will outrun an E320 but that body style is 4 yrs older than the original LS and feels more solid and connected to the road than an LS has ever dreamed of!

Sure your bro can fix up the LS,but he will continue to blend with the Town Car folks!

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