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I think the setup for the 107 was constant through the entire run, in which case you've got two levers on the driver's side of the aft bay. The longer one operates the rear top latch; the shorter one affects the range of the hook's motion also.
The normal closed/locked position has the long handle fully forward (clockwise if viewed from the center of the car), and the short handle lying right with the long one.
To release the latch, move the short handle clockwise til it stops, and the long one counterclockwise to about 10 o'clock when viewed from the center of the car. If you move it too far, the hook will catch the latch pin.
When you're releasing the soft top at the rear, the handle move is the same, except that the spring-loading of the soft top frame will normally pop the rear bow up as soon as the latch releases, making it much easier to know when it's free.
To open the soft top cover, move the long handle fully counterclockwise.
My own method with the hoist is to release all four of the catches with the removable handles, and loosen the rear latch to about 10 o'clock. Then I attach the hoist and start lifting slowly. If the rear releases immediately, fine, but if not, I fasten the hoist so that the top is up but not pulling much on the pin. That lets me work the release with one hand and move the rear edge of the top with the other until it releases.
Some time with the soft top locked on the windshield and loose at the rear, open the rear cover and work the latch. Move both levers, and study the way the latch hook moves. Understanding that will allow the whole thing to make sense for you.
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