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Exclamation Will mid-grade gasoline hurt my engine?

[I did read the fine thread a few lines down that's similar to this. I guess I really just need to know if the engine will be okay. It's a '95 E-320 with the 104 engine.]

After working a twelve hour day and then going to the gym, I was too tired to realize that I filled the tank of my E-320 almost all the way up with mid-grade gasoline. (This station had the premium in the middle and the mid-grade on the right, DUH!) I then topped it off with a few gallons of high-test.

I'd say the ratio in the tank now is 75% mid-grade and 25% premium.

Is there any cause for concern? Should I have the tank drained? If not, should I drive in a certain way to prevent any damage?

Thanks for any help!

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