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I think it was the Sun and the Heat....

It was the sun....and the a midlife crises..
It was just too hot and humid.
And then came the mosquitoes, they would eat me alive. After I put on DEETS insect repellent, it would spread as a thin oil all over my skin.
When it got really Hot I took off my shirt. After wiping my oily hands on myself several times to block the sweat, i soon found myself swathed in a Black oily mess consisting of DEETS, motor oil, brake fluid and Sweat. It would cover my face, arms, chest and knees..

The neighbors would drive up the streets and shake their heads. Some stopped talking to me---I wonder if thats because I had three cars up on Jackstands with their Tires off-- I watched my 16 yr old daughters friends pull up in everything from a 2003 Nissan 300 to a 2002 Acura or Maxima and I would hear my daughter giggle--"Thats just my Dad....." Seriously though she is a Great Kid, she drives the 240D and helps me bleed brakes and once even worked the Hoist..

My wife's frends came by in short summer white shorts and pink tops and pale wood sandals. Most of them didnt say hi, needless to say--I would hear them say "Is he still employed" they snuck out the Backdoor..

To top it off I got passed over for a promotion at work and that really got me... Thats why I had to take the vacation...

Anyway, you know what they say, youre never as Down as you think you are , nor are you ever as Up as you may find yourself someday...

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