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I work on our cars because I like to.... OK, most of the time. I am always learning. Learning about how things work AND about people.

I guess I always will be fixing something. I enjoy ferreting out the correct way to repair something, especially Mercedes. It seems to me that Mercedes repairs are done one of two ways: Throw parts and money at the car or carefully sleuth what is "really" wrong and repair the real problem. This to me is fascinating, although I can't tell you why.

I have time to time, thought about buying a new car. Yep, all fresh and not broken (I do like the sound of that) but I will always be questing to the ideal I have in my mind for a particular car. After I fix one of our cars I am happy. I like savoring the immediate results of my work. Using my hands helps me be better in my work (the cerebral side), computers and business development.

I have made a lot of great and life-long friendships because of cars. There are people that have come into my life because of cars that I would greatly miss if they were not there. I tell my children that cars, car repairs etc are really metaphors of life. For an example: You are absolutely sure that the problem is X. You pursue the repair only to find that it isnít what you thought AND what everyone told you was the problem. Sooooo you change direction and then implement the other obvious solution and that fails also. This process has reminded me that life isnít always A or B, but that something else could also be the cause. Because of this lesson, I am much more patient with people. Everyone isnít either good or bad ÖÖ

My children are better off because of my interest, whether they choose to repair their cars themselves some day or not.

Some think I am crazy, but I would much rather drive a 7-year-old E class than a new __________. Of course I would have to change the front and rear sway bar bushings, replace the shocks with Bilstein HDs, get it aligned with a spreader bar ..... you get the idea.

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