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I posted this under wheels & tires, but I know some of the smarter MBZ people do not surf the other chat areas. I have a set of 8 holes that I just put on my 1991 124. They fit fine upfront, but the back seems to hit something inside the hub. It appears that the lugs from my 124 fit recessed back in the wheel, not flush with the surface as they do with the 15 holes. I stopped by my local MBZ (rip-off dealer) and the only thing I could see different between a 124 series and a 202 is that the 202 has a larger head.
The following numbers are in the inside of my wheel:
7Jx15H2...wheel diameter + width

The follwing numbers were on the outside of my wheel:

What are these numbers and what car did this wheel come from????
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