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ta da! W201 euros are ON my car!

first thing's first, a big thank you for all who have provided info in the past and most recently in regards to my inquiry about euro installation and bulb types.

Wow, had I known it would be this simple, I would have done this a long time ago! (I purchased my euros almost a year ago!) I spent pretty much the whole day doing this project, taking my sweet time. I was careful about removing everything. I also vacuumed the headlight area and washed some of the parts. I think I can do the next installation in a snap!

I'd like to share some of the things I've learned that either have not been mentioned (to my knowledge) or that I'd like to re-emphasize.

-On the driver side, I think it's much easier to remove the bottom 8mm screw from under the car--between the bumper and wheel well.

-BE CAREFUL when removing the bottom screw. There is a black piece that secures the light unit to the frame via the 8mm screw. If one of the arms break off, the part # is 201 820 0014.

-Once you have removed all the screws and unplugged the wires, there is a black wire connection that is clipped to the bottom of the old light unit. Dislodge this connection from the metal clip at the bottom of the light before pulling the old light unit out. (I didn't bother to reuse the metal clip on the new euros.)

Plugging the wires to the correct socket

There are 4 wires on the US 4-pin connector. Green on socket 1, Brown on socket 2, Yellow on socket 3, and White on socket 4.

(W) (Y)
(B) (G)

These wires will go on the 6-pin connector as follows:

If you look at the the five pins on your new euros, you will see a white thing sticking out at one end. On the euro 6-pin connector, there is a little groove that the white protrusion fits into. Using that area on the 6-pin connector as a reference point, you can number the sockets from there. I call this the FRONT of the connector.

(6) (5)
(4) (3)
(2) (1)

Sockets 1, 3, 5 are facing the corner lights.

6-pin connector part# is 011 545 50 28. This is a one-piece connector that includes cover and sockets. I found it much easier to place all the wires into the connector, snap the cover in place, and then plug the connector to the 5 pins on the euro light unit.

I guess that's about it. The 190revolution website was a great source of info along with this site.

Now, one more question! Can the yellow H3 covers be reused on the euros? If it's a perfect fit, I might want to put them on. Right now I kinda like the all clear look Also, I haven't adjusted my lights yet. Are the three black screw-like things for adjusting? Any tips on adjusting the headlights? Thanks guys!
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