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Mike Stone
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E320 CDi Owner

Am on my 2nd E320 CDi and found them almost totally reliable.

Only fault in a total of about 60k Miles on the 2 cars were:-

Passenger seat detector for child seat went U/S.

Diesel engine is a lot cheaper to service but on advice I do change Oil & Filter at about 8k miles between indicated services.

Finest car's I have owned in 40+ years of motoring.

I get 40 MPG (UK Gallon) on run and 30 MPG Day to Day.

Performance is better than the E320 Petrol due to Torque being more than a V8 5.0.

The biggest problem is driving it within the speed limits.

We will have a V8 4.2 available to us next year. That will make it to US soon as well.

Do a SEARCH on my name (Mike Stone) and you will find a number of posts with more info.



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