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Well w126 (I sure want to call you, "Feckless Perseflage" for some reason), the mechanic is good and charges are very reasonable. When I told him I was pricing parts online his charges dropped a bit. Then he found that I'm not made from money he started prioritizing repairs on my 300e. I think of mechanics like doctors--they are most reliable with patients they know. I read all about the tranny problems and my next visit with the indy I'll ask about that, too.

So, if the guy says a car is in good shape except for.......I'm convinced its a pretty good bet he's not far wrong.

Man, I like the looks of that car! I can easily see dropping $2.5k-$3.5k on body work and a paint job on top of his $8.5k for the mechanically sound car. I'm almost done with my 300e and am really pleased with it.

In about 6-10 mos I'll be interested in finding another M-B. I've kind of been thinking about a w124 diesel, but my indy says they're really hard to find in good condition. If they're good, people keep them and most of them (according to him) will outlast the owners. He suggested looking for estate sales--no kidding--on the theory that the kids would only keep a car that will burn rubber but would dump something with a Klattaring, sedate acceleration.

Rambling thoughts. My wife says I get fixated on a problem to the neglect of everything else and warned me about this one.

Now I gotta sneak around and peek at websites with "w126" or "420 SEL" the way some guys hide porno searches. Ah, what gracefully curved, softly sensual upholstery......a smooth, sleek acceleration....a gentle touch to steer us through the darkling night....

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