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There is a thread in another forum on this site that Larry started about the choice between a new C and a W124. Larry likes his new C, I drove one with an automatic transmission and prefer my 300E. In the interim, I've had the chance to drive my sister's new 2000 323i, with most of the options you describe, but with 5-speed. If the choice between Bimmer and Benz involves an automatic transmission, I can only suggest to you that the Bimmer is going to be more satisfying than the Benz in that configuration. The Benz with auto was sluggish - the transmission on the one I drove was dancing all over during semi-spirited driving. I didn't mention this in the other thread, but I also think that the interior of the new C looks more like a Chrysler product than a Daimler product, and that's not a compliment.

P.S. I priced a 6-speed C240 with the Sport stuff. With tax, license and other options the final tally was a hair under $40,000 (US). Larry is right about the price quoted to you. I also agree with Larry that as a driver's car, on the whole, most Bimmers are more satisfying than Benzes. Taken as a whole, however, I think most Benzes represent a better all-around choice when value, build-quality and longevity and other factors are considered.

One non-critical remark about Ashman's comment that the BMW might be too sporty - I have read that BMW sort of "detuned" the power steering in the 3-Series order to make the car easier to park in tight spaces. In other words, steering by single finger. That may affect the "sporty" feel of the car.
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