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While I'm sure BMW's reliability has improved in the last few years, my friend's 91 M5, has had around $20k in repairs since he got it in 1995, and the car has about 90k miles on it now, most of the problems he had were at 40-75k, including, full suspension rebuild, numerous engine replacement parts, battery, alternator, radiator, water pump, air pump, injection, valves, and more.

The suspension was rebilt because it just plain collapsed while he was driving, and shoved the wheels deep up intot he wheel well, twisiting he fenders upwards. that alone was over 4k in repairs, though at the same time he also spent another 4k on a full repaint, the factory paint had lost all of its gloss after 6 years.

I like the BMW's as far as the way they drive and feel, but I prefer the benz for longetivity and build quality, and I just happen to like the way the benz drives, with my driving style. I like to do nice acceleration runs, but never go racing around, or even gett he car near its limits, I mostly drive around 45 mph in 35mph zones, if its clear, and I drive the speed of traffic all the other times.

I would base the choice on how she drives, if she's into cruising comfortably, then either car should be fine, but in my opinion, the bmw's acceleration and handling don't suit my driving style. I'm a pretty mellow driver.

You can't go wrong with either car, but I find the BMW Oeners trade in every 3 years, no one I know has kept a bmw they got new for more than the lease period.

My Friend with the M5, bought the car used, and plans to keep it for a while. after he repaired all that was wrong, the car drives great, and he only really has to take it into the shop a few times a year, but he probably spends on average, $1500-$2500 a year to drive the car, and thats for repairs/maintenance.

I drove many 3 series bmw's before driving the mercedes, and to me the BMW felt light and not as solidly constructed as the mercedes. to me the mercedes feels like a tank, and if I'm in an accident, I know that mercedes will hold up better. One of the bmw's I drove had meticulously maintained records, only 50k miles, and the car was as clean as they come, with every little thing fixed everytime it was noticed. The Mercedes still drove better, which had no records, and 28k more miles. So that was how I decided on the car.

Case and point, I killed a BMW 3 series a few years ago with my jeep, in a 15 mph accident. person went through a stop sign in front of me, I hit brakes, jeep didn't stop, but I was only going 20 when I hit the brakes, the bmw was totalled, whole frame twisted and all. My jeep needed a bumper, fender repair, new grille and the headlight bottom part got cracked so it was changed.

To me the Mercedes Feels more substantial than the bmw. And I am not saying substatial as in "class" I mean it as in it seems like it is just more of a car.

She should drive each car for a few days and see which one she likes, thats the one for her to get. the key here is to drive the car, not for a few minutes, but for a few days, take one home, try it out, most dealerships I have been to will give you a cr to try for a few days if you want to buy one.

I had an M3 for 3 days a couple of years ago, because thats when I started looking at cars... of course the m3 was outta the price range, but it does drive nice, but still like I said before. the BMW's feel light to me.

My 300CE to me feels more solid than the 2001 740IL My friend has. My Friend even commented on how nicely my car drove compared to his. He was going to get either the 740 or the s500, and decided on the bmw because it was about $30k cheaper than the s500. I tried to convince him to get the benz, but he wouldn't do it, he said he wanted to drive a car that was more sporty than the benz.

Ok I'm written wnough about this.


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