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Hey there,

I just finished installing my Mosselman turbo kit on my 16V. Everything looks great. I made sure everything is connected right and all the parts are there. However, now my car won't even fire. I turn the key and the starter just turns the crank and the rest of the pulleys that are on the belt. The crank is turning and I can hear the pistons moving, but it sounds like something is screwed up in the ignition system somewhere. Mosselman sent me 4 new Bosch "silber" spark plugs along w/ the kit and they are gapped at 0.60mm. Could this be causing something to go wrong? I would think that at least it would try to fire. It sounds as if the coil is not even working. The engine doesn't even sounds like it is getting any spark. Basically, I'm very frustrated right now and would appreciate if anyone could give me some advice.
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