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Closing assist

This subject has been posted many times, by myself and others, if you do a search you will find some help.
What it narrows down to is the closing pump over the rear wheel goes bad. This one controls the pull in of doors and trunk, the other you refer to is the locking pump which controls that and some other items such as the deck handle, vacum headrests if you got them, lumbar, and the vacum for the HVAC when it needs help (under acceleration), and the backup rods in the early 140s.
This pump is under the rearseat, in a foam pad. Removing the fuses resets the system, but most of the time it comes back. There was a bulletin about some mid 90s cars with a bad hose that could be replaced in the pump and available from the dealer. If the "fuse trick" works and some doors pull in while others dont it is probably not the hose. To get at the pump removing the liner over the wheel and the gas tank will allow acccess. George Murphy, of Performance Products rebuilds some, otherwise it is $700/800 at your dealer
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