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124 euro light and wiper ?

Hi all,

I just recently received my 500e euro's from Puma which look great. My preference is to keep the wipers. I have seen a couple of posts where several owners have fabbed a bracket to be able to use the original motors. Although I have searched the forum, I was unable to find out if the 94-95 motors and arms would fit on the 500e euros. If someone has done this, are there any modifications that need to be done or is it a bolt on application?

As far as the vacuum leveling system goes. I would like to hook up this feature as well. I found a post where the part numbers were listed for the dash controls but what other parts are needed for the vacuum connections?

Has anyone put together a FAQ, perhaps on the procedure of the vacuum leveling or even a parts list?

Thanks for your help!


1989 300e
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