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Sorry Jim,

I was to focused on my questions but missed all the background. Ok here goes.

1) Shifts above about 60 % throttle shifts are fine. This tells me that there should be enough pressure in the system to handle all other shifts.
2) Light throttle shifts below about 25 % throttle are also fine.
3) Medium throttle shifts between about 25 - 60 % throttle flares. This is more pronounced when the car is cold and has been standing for a couple of hours.
4) I have 18 inches of vacum at idle when I measure at the green modulator the vacum holds steadily and drops to almost 0 when a I step on the throttle.

I have done several adjustments lately.

-I put a little bit of slack into the bowden cable to get the shift points at lower speed (the shift pattern was a bit to sporty for my taste). The shift points are now fine. This adjustment did nothing to the flaring shifts (both 2-3 and 3-4).
- I replaced the short rubber hose between the metallic vacum line and the modulator.
- I have in total, and in steps of 4 -5 clicks, adjusted the T-handle CW about 20 clicks but this has only reduced the flaring somewhat. As I wrote before I drove the car for a day or two after each adjustment.

I have also read many many postings regarding the modulator and the general concensus seems to be that if the WOT shift dont flare adjusting the modulator should do the trick. On the other hand many posts describes how sensitive the adjustment is and now that I have adjusted about 20 clicks or about 3 full turns Im getting nervous that I might screw something up.

At the moment I plan to take the car out and drive until warm then I will disconnect the vacum hose to the modulator by which i expect that most shifts will be rough. This I assumes will show if the modulator works or not.

Any ideas what Im up against?

Many thanks/ Mikael

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