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Zerex G05 meets the MB spec and is essentially the same as MB coolant you can buy from MB dealers. It is known as a "hybrid". The corrosion inhibitor package is basically an organic formulation, but has a very small amount of inorganics.

Dexcool is a pure organic formulation.

All these anti-freeze blends are ethylene glycol based. The difference is in their corrosion inhibitor technology.

Both Teaxco (Havoline) and Prestone make a Dexcool formulation and this is indicated by the word "DEXCOOL" on the label.

If you can find Zerex G05, I would recommend that as a first choice and Dexcool as a second choice.

A 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water will provide maximum corrosion protection, freeze and boilover protection. Though potable drinking water is acceptable to mix with antifreeze, I always use distilled water to avoid introducing even very small quantities of disolved salts, which are present in all drinking water.


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