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Subframe Mounts 123 PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!

When I replaced the subframe bushings, they would not seat completely, and there was a gap of approx. 1/8 inch between the mount and subframe. I figured they would settle in over a few day's time, and require re-torquing.
The driveshaft/differential geometry was altered with new mounts, adding this gap only aggravated the situation. I removed each mount bracket, placed a block of wood between the subframe and body, and centered a jackstand under each mount.
The weight of the car did the rest. A floor jack was under the differential, for two reasons. Not to place excessive stress on the mounts, and help support the car as jackstands on rubber mounts is a tricky situation.
The block of wood, suggested by a post in the archives keeps the subframe mount sleeve away from the sleeve protruding out of the body.
The noise is gone, the car handles as it should, and now it's time for the front end rebuild so I can return Rusty's spring compressor.
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