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Dan Rotigel
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Esoteric thoughts about joy of ownership aside, feeling like hell the next day is no damn fun.

The biggest difference between the 78 year old wood-cutter, stevebfl (who have no problems doing physical work at their age) and the guys who are considering slowing it down is probably the weekend-warrior mentality vs. day in-day out grind of a daily job.

If you beat your body every other weekend for 4 hours at a time, you don't get anything but sore. If you beat your body every day for 4 hours, pretty soon your body gets used to it and adapts.

Mercedes can be good machines. Our bodies can be fantastic machines. Perhaps spend a little time on the latter can help your performance on the former.

Dan R.
20 years old
Roofer/philsophy student/shade tree mechanic
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