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At 45, I love working on the family motor pool. Last year I treated myself to a full scissor lift. The trouble shooting and repair of components is a hobby with a dividend of dollars saved. There is always an open squak ( or many ) to be repaired, and a constant stream of UPS shipments of parts at the door, but I would not change that at all. For the time I spend under my cars could easily be traded for reading magazines and later paying off the credit card if I would take the autos in for repair.

I cut my teeth on 2 Fiat's when I was in my 20's ( now there is a car that NEEDs to be worked on! ). Since then most any brand will seem well built. The 16 year old Volvo is now the kids daily driver. A '01 Volvo is a snobby mechanical POS, due to be replaced with a 10 year old Benz. Bought a 16-valve 190E in march, and that will be my daily driver/ project car. I may have a full docket of work to do on the family cars but, I would not change anything and neither would my wife. She encourages me and appreciates the service and savings.

Keep on wrenching!
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