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I'm already a huge fan of your site and message boards. Kudos--your site is terrific!

When I took delivery of my CLK last April (98) I noticed some silver overspray on the drivers door sill plastic, seat, and steering wheel. The dealer of course removed it, end of story. Yesterday, while washing my beauty, I noticed a very slight depression in the hood (i.e., small dent). I'm sure this was there from the beginning, but never noticed it because it's hard to see unless you look from the right angle in the right light. Also, there's a slight imperfection--almost like a tiny indent (about 1/8 inch in diameter) in the paint where the dent is. I'm wondering if the car was repaired before I ever took delivery of it? Now that it's there, it's hard for me to enjoy the car! It appears to be over an area on the hood where there is a support underneath--making access tough. Do you think a paintless dent removal is possible? Do I need to have the entire hood repainted? GASP!

Thanks in advance,

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