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That reminds me of why I went to Zims in the first place. I had a knocking coming from the front end when I turned or went over a bump. Park Place first said it was the shocks. I figured that was plausible. My brother took it over a pot hole and the shock put a ding on the underside of the hood right above the shock tower and that was the side that the knock was coming from. I figured that since the car was 12 years old that it needed new shocks anyway. New shocks and $900 later the knock was still there. Well, now they were looking at a loose steering arm, drag link and tie rod. OK. They took me under the car and moved stuff around and showed me how loose it was and said that was my knocking. HMMMM. I had no way of saying it was not the issue and the play in the above components did look like it was a bit too loose so we went ahead. Another $800 later and the knock was still there. Well, Iím getting pissed now (itís al coming back to me). I go talk to the shop manager and he has a hunch. He has the tech pull off the front sway bar. We go for a spin around the block and low and behold the knock is gone. They put new bushings on and did not charge me for the final fix.

I think what bothers me the most is that no one took it for a test drive to see if they fixed the problem. I never got out of the lot with out hearing the knock (very easy to reproduce and very loud).

So far Zims has done right. I had a steering box that blew the main seal. They went in and replaced the seal back in Oct of 02. This June the seals blew again and they replaced them no charge. That fix did not work. Wayne said he was surprised the first fix lasted as long as it did. Anyway, he said that the box had to come out and be rebuilt. He yanked it out, sent it out to be rebuilt and had it back in 4 days. Charged me to have it rebuilt but no labor for the R & R. Seems fair to me.
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