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I've seen the lug bolts so overtightened that they twisted and jamed in place (later cars with the long portion above the spherical seat).

The front wheel can be removed without using a torch -- remove caliper and hose. It won't come off, but it must be loose.

Pop center trim off the wheel, pry off the grease cap, use a chisel to unscrew the lock screw by driving it around with a corner of the chisel. Unscrew lock nut and remove wheel, hub, and caliper.

Drill out the lug bolts from the back side. DO NOT HEAT THEM. Drive twisted bolts out of wheel from the back.

Check wheel for runout, install hub with new lock nut and lock screw. Install caliper and bleed brakes, install wheel with new bolts.

Charge tire store 4 hrs labor per wheel.

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