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Well "what price is fair for this car" is a bit vague. I'm sure in your quest to buy a 126 over the last few months you have learned that condition and maintenence is crucial in these cars to determine their worth and desire. If it's an 86 with low mileage, been crazy maintained, the paint shines and whatnot, yes, $4995 is a deal. On the other hand of course, if the oil has barely been changed in the thing, the paint is fading, the rear window is delaminating, there's rust so on and so on, $4995 is a rip-off. That's just an invitation to drop another $4995 in repairs right off the bat. So whereas condition is not as important in jap cars maybe, it is absolutely crucial in these older Benzes. And condition goes much much deeper than what you can see with the naked eye, although it can be a good indicator. A PPI is essential.
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