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ultgar, I didn't realize you had these custom-made, glad somebody out there realized the need and did something about it! Can you address my question about them though (just after your first post)?

csnow, thanks for the cast-iron info. I was assuming it would be cast iron (cheap?) but after I posted that I realized that the saddle looks like a strip of steel that was bent and sheared off. Regarding the removable insert, that's what I was trying to communicate in my last post, but unfortunately as I mentioned the max height suffers greatly when you flip it upside down.

Richard, do you have the MB part number for this thing you call "duct tape"? I want to make sure I get OEM quality with the star logo silk-screened on it. My current wood blocks (made from a 2x4) have the problem of compressing when weight is on them, and along with the normal compression of the rubber pad on the car, the sides of the car actually contact the wood. I could probably fix that by using a hardwood like oak instead. But they also wiggle, creak and groan under use, and just generally do not give me a warm fuzzy feeling when I'm lying under a couple tons of chest-crushing metal.
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