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124 Sunroof problem

Hi All -

I'm having some interesting problems with the sunroof on my 1987 124 wagon. I've searched the archives - lots of good information there - but haven't seen any problems like mine.

Here's what it does. It either works perfectly, or not at all. You can open and close the roof, then ten seconds later it won't move at all. The next day it will again work fine - or not. It never quits halfway open or closed; always runs until you release the switch. Always stops at the correct location. Does not appear to be cocked, crooked or otherwise broken. No funny noises. Moves quickly - less than five seconds to fully open or close.

Here's what I've done. Pulled the switch and cleaned it; it's fine. You can always hear a single 'click' sound from the sunroof motor when operating the switch and the roof doesn't work. Cleaned and lubed the sunroof rails.

I used the white nut on the sunroof motor to open/close the roof. It took a surprising amount of force to turn it - is this normal?

Thoughts on how to proceed? I'm thinking of starting at the sunroof motor, as it appears the teleflex cable, bridge, lifting arms, etc. are all behaving in a reasonable manner.

- JimY
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