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I read the previous posts, but I still have some questions:
1. What is the safest points to lift the car (124) with the floor jack like the blue one in the picture... I need to know where it is safe for the front and the rear or the side of the car...I need to raise the car and put the stands without using MRBZ tricky jack...

2. Where jack stands could be placed, other than under the rubber support

3. When raising one side of the car (left or right), how far it is safe without affecting the car

4. If I need to raise the whole car (4 jack stands) what is the sequence rear first or front first, I assume front first since there is bigger load.

5. what are the precautions to prevent the car from slipping from the jack point. The jack can slip from the rubber...may be there are other jack support points safer than that..

I appreciate any help,
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