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Wiring Connections For CD Changer

I need help with the wiring for Becker-Silverstone BE0980 cd changer installation in 1992 500 SL.

There are 4 sockets on back of the changer: 1.a round 8 pin socket marked "connection from control unit", 2. a round 8 pin socket marked "connection to receiver", 3. straight 4 pin with 1 pin offset socket, 4. a small 2 pin socket marked "control voltage socket +12v.

I have three cables (came with cd changer) 1. a cable with round 8 pin female connector on one end and a round 8 pin male connector on opposite end, 2. a cable with two round 8 pin male connectors-1 on each end, 3. a 2-wire (1 brown, 1 red) cable with 4 pin (1 offset) connectors: female on one end, male on other end with 1 male connector between the two ends.

The radio is a Becker BE 1432. This radio has two parts (other than the speakers and antennae) the tuner in the dash and the amplifier in the trunk. I am a little confused over the nomenclature on the changer. By control unit, do they mean that part in trunk or the unit in the dash, also which unit is considered the receiver?

Any help would be appreciated.
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