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Former broadcaster and now a contract specialist at second largest telecommunications company in the country (and shrinking); the notorious one.

Born in 1939 to a DeSoto-Plymouth Dealership owner, I grew up around cars (and as a child and teen was totally loyal to DeSoto...I turned 21 and DeSoto disappeared at about the same time). Had my first Mercedes (a 1962 190Cb) in 1968 and have been smitten ever since (except for about a 23 year period of Cadillac fever). The Mercedes I have or had:

1962 190Cb Sedan
1962 220SEb Coupe
1966 230 Sedan
1980 300TD Wagon (still in possession)
1980 350SL euro (still in possession)
1983 300SD Sedan #1
1983 300SD Sedan #2
1984 190D Sedan (still in possession and my daily driver)
1985 500SEL Sedan (still in possession)
1994 S420 Sedan
Jim Sehl
'80 350SL
'80 300TD
'84 190D
'86 300E
'92 600SEL
'94 S420
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