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HELP! Piece of vacuum pump fell into motor

The vacuum pump on my 300D 2.5 Turbo (W124 with a 602.962 motor) crapped out about a week ago. Of course, I parked the car immediately so I would not incur any damage to the motor. I ordered the new part from Phil (only $279!!!) who had it across the country and at my doorstep in about 10 hours.

I went to install it today, and when I unbolted the old pump from the block the pump pieces fell everywhere. There were two little parts that landed on the timing chain. I knew these would be bad news if they went into the motor so I carefully went to pick them out with some tweezers. I got one part out, but the other fell back into the motor.

I haven't had one of these motors apart before, so I'm not sure where the part would have gone. I assumed that it probably fell into the oil pan. I drained the oil, and removed the access panel on the side of the pan so I could feel around in the pan. I found several little shavings and pieces from the old pump, but I did not find the part that I was looking for.

The part is small enough that it may have drained out with the oil, but until I strain the oil to find the part I think it may still be in the engine. I'm going to let the car sit for a day or two and let gravity take its course. Hopefully I can find the part then, but what if I can't?

Where could this part be, and what do I need to do to get it out of my motor? I need to get this thing back together soon so I can sell it. I'm leaving for Vanuatu with the Peace Corps Oct. 1!!!!

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