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Jim Fs Code 19 Chip Update

I just finished installing Jim Fs code 19 EPROM chip. I did this because my 1994 E420 was giving me a Check Engine light due to a code 19 error. Long story short, the chip works. It was a cinch for me to install, but I am a pretty handy guy and use with a lot of electronics at work along with doing all the mechanical stuff on my car. My car was equipped with the LED/SW combo, so resetting the check engine light was a cinch. The instructions he gives are clear and accurate. It took me 15, maybe 20 min to finish and I was taking extra care.

Just as a matter of clarity.

The "Required Tools" list that is included in the instructions talks about "Torx screwdrivers #50001 and #50003"those numbers are not consistent with the standard method of Torx nomenclature. The Torx sizes needed are T10 and T15.

Also, a lot of care must be taken when removing the old chip and installing the new one. Pulling the old one too hard It took a bit more pressure than what I would have expected to seat the chip.

When removing the plastic guard that covers the factory chip, it is best to use the two small slots that are prefabricated into the cover. A small flat-head screwdriver levering away from the chip pops it off with almost no force.

Well I guess thats it. Any questions? It really is that easy.

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