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Re: New 190e Couple of questions

Originally posted by Duncan UK 190

The final thing is a rattle (can you see a pattern forming!) which seems to be coming from the window motor. I have taken the panel off the door and after taping various parts it seems to be coming from the motor/worm drive assembly(it goes away if i grasp the metal motor housing in my hand). I would like to take the motor out to see if there are loose gears etc inside the case. The thing is I think I would need to take the whole assembly out including the window lifter gears etc. Is this a straightforward job or would i need to re-seat the window glass etc after removal?

Any help would be much apprechiated!
Hi, nice to see another UK member

I have the door rattle in the rear and possibly the drivers door but haven't got as far as you with diagnosing it. Sounds like a not-so-easy repair. oh well.

As for the engine related rattle you describe, it could well be the timing chain. A good, experienced mechanic should be able to listen to it and tell you. He also probably shouldn't charge you..

I wouldn't nexessarily expect a rattle at your age and mileage - is the mileage confirmable? I only ask because 180,000 miles can easily look like just 80,000 miles on a 190E.

Good luck,

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