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The little things.

Hey all,

I work all day and have a 45 mile commute each way. My car needs to be ready to roll each morning, which means larger repairs and maintence tasks are often farmed out to the professionals. But, there are some little things one can do to make the car perform/look a little nicer which do not require a 30 minute shower afterwards. Whether these simple tasks be inside the car or out, they are simple. Here is my list:

1. Clean your antenna mast. I use WD40 on a cloth - gets all the dirt off and allows for smoother operation.

2. Lube your driver side mirror so it can be adjusted easily.

3. Tighten the bolts which anchor the front seats- they loosen over time.

4. Lubricate doors to quite annoying creaking noises when opening and closing.

5. Use needle to clean windshield washer nozzles.

6. Gently clean wiper blades.

7. Purchase a CD player cleaner disk and use it once a month. If you have a Becker replace it immedialtely. Seriously.

8. Replace headlight washer blades before those new euro lights get scratched.

9. Lube sunroof tracks and wind deflector assembly.

10. Change it hot and often! No excuse not to!

Anyone else have any good tips? Perhaps this could be a usefull thread as there are little things which sometimes get neglected.


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