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Sunroof locked closed - 87 560 SEL


Sorry to repost but I am getting soaked!

Any help would be REALLY appreciated, especially since by reading threads here it looks like I could take a $$ beating. Where I dont know the exact name of a part I have put a (?) make but think I have described it well enough for someone to understand.

My 87 560 SEL sunroof has locked up with the sunroof closed but a little tilted up (it is a tilt-up type as well as slides all the way back normally). When it first locked up it was closed and I was able to push the switch back and forth and the roof would move slightly on the drivers side. The right side would not move at all. I could hear and see the unit sliding slightly. This made the sunroof slightly cock as it tried to move backwards. This made me believe the motor, etc works but there was a problem on the passenger side slide, angle (?) or other. After reading the posts about how you could take the sunroof liner/cover (?) off I tried to continue moving it back and forth in the hope that I could move it back enough to be able to get to the clips on the front of the sunroof liner, take it off and therefore see what was going on inside. After movement slighlty more I heard slight popping/cracking (I know, I know, bad, but I will pray that it is just what was already broken, breaking more), it moved a little furhter in the tilt direction and now the sunroof is not moving at all. I did not hold the switch for any length of time so I hope that the motor is still good but the roof is so locked up that the motor cannot move in any direction so I I dont hear any movement anymore. Any help would be really appreciated, especially if I could get the liner off first and then work on the right side.

Im am good with tools, good with cars but have not had much experience with MB yet since this is only my second and the first I have actually been working on. THANKS!!
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