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I know how you feel. I was there recently. I have the same car. Mine also broke on the right side. Odds are, your car has never had the "sunroof mod". It ain't cheap. Parts are about $400 or more from a very friendly dealer. What probably broke was the lifting arm. There is one on each side. They run in a track on each side and the steel roof panel bolts to them.They are connected to each other by a piece of metal , about 4 inches wide by width of sunroof, that runs between them called a bridge. The cable from the motor connects to the bridge. The lifting arms break. When that happens, it is a bear to get the sunroof open to pull off the lower panel. On mine, when you tried to retract the sunroof, only the left side would drop in preparatin of sliding back. I had my young son operate the sunroof control while I worked the steel panel. As he would pust the retract button, I would "help" the stubborn side drop to proper position. Took a fair bit of my weight and several tries, but finally it did drop. then I helped it slide back. Once back, I cleared the broken pieces from the track and then was able to perform the mod. with help from the factory CD. Oh, and I will have to do it again on the 300E I just bought for my daughter. Seems a P.O. had had problems with that sunroof and just blocked it in position with a piece of wood and then used clear RTV to help seal it. Looks a lot better than it sounds but still a pain plus expensive. On your job, buy the right parts and take your time. You may want to order an extra set of the little felt shoes that go on the sliding feet on the front of the steel panel. Mine were bad and may have been a part of the failure to begin with. If you want, I'll try to dig up a list of the parts I bought. Just email me.
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