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Re: AC problem/Make of car

Originally posted by TKBenz
The specified one was R12.Which was has been working untill this problem came up. Your response brings me to this other thing now my engine no is 10498012008210E100, and My chasis no is WDB1240311B215778 i don`t think this correct.
Good Day

I see you have an unusual configuration compared to the vehicles that were marketed in the US. Your engine is probably fitted with a semi-independent ignition system commonly known as the EZL. If this is correct than your engine may have a distributor cap mounted to the front and is fitted with the KE-Jetronic fuel system, commonly known as CIS-E. I believe that engine configuration was last offered in the US on 1992 cars, mainly the 300-SL and 300-CE. I am also of the belief that your chassis number was not offered in the US.

I can only speak from my knowledge which applies to US vehicles and 1992 was a big year for several changes with MB in the US. One change was fitting A/C systems designed to operate with R-134a refrigerant. I have no knowledge of the engine and chassis configurations that are, or were available in Africa so your vehicle may have been fitted with R-12 from the factory.

Now let us explore what ails your A/C system. Behind the battery there are several control units/modules. Does your vehicle have a module called the MAS unit? It will have a knob on the top that rotates to lock it in place. Or does it have a KLIMA relay?

Once we establish which A/C compressor control system your vehicle is fitted with than collectively we can begin offering diagnostic suggestions.

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