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Post Initiating Recall Campaign- Crank Shaft Balancer Failure E320 210 V6

Hello all!

As a victim of a poorly designed/produced, E320 Crank Shaft balancer , I am initiating a recall attempt campaign, as I am used to dealing with another similar situation for a Cadillac I owned at one point. Please show us your solidarity, and ability to contact and follow procedure to report to MB USA and NHTSA.ORG once such a mechanism is established. What could the result be? aVoluntary recall, a reimbursement of spent dollars if you recently got it replaced/for failure.

Please post your responses and readiness to cooperate to encourage this process.


Suresh Palakurthi
I am an enthusiast but you can't pry money outta my hands... Help me to get to full throttle on the Harmonic Balancer Crank Shaft Pulley RECALL!
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