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Crankshaft balancer recall campaign

Hello All.

I talked to NHTSA CSR and the MB Corporate Service support number.. Its so pathetic that MB CSRS are only allowed to say 'Your concern has been documented' and "Since your vehicle is operational as disgned, there is no further action MB would take' He told me that for every questions I asked. Obviously that is not customer service , it is covering ther 'ASS'ets..

there I went to NHTSA and lodged a complaint. As you all kknow NHTSA responses are based on volume of complaints.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do launch your experience as a complaint!
is the link. go armed with your VIN Number, and ytour dealer advice words and dollar cost of fixing and extent of damage.

I am an enthusiast but you can't pry money outta my hands... Help me to get to full throttle on the Harmonic Balancer Crank Shaft Pulley RECALL!
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