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Cheers for the reply,

Overall the noises are very slight. If I have the radio on I cant relly hear anything so I think I'm worrying about nothing.
I have wrapped the window motor case in plasticine to see if it damps the rattle a bit!

I think getting a mechanic to listen to it is a good idea, I'm going to crawl under the car at the weekend and check the exhaust to gearbox mounting as apparently this can cause noises even if slightly loose.

I think I might also enquire about getting a silencer made up to replace the cat (legal on my 1991 car) as I think this might kill the rattle and liberate a hp or two!

The car seemed cheap to me at 1300 and I havent got any validation of the milage. I have thought quite lot about that myself. The engine hasnt used any oil yet after having driven about 700 miles so that seems fairly tight.The car is in very good nick as far as the paint & interior goes, there are no chips in the windscreen and the seat fabric and steering wheel isnt worn so I think the milage is fairly accurate.

I would recomend having a look inside your rear door the cover comes off fairly easily (unlike my VW were I broke plastic clips everytime I took anything off!)
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