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Stability problems

Hi guys,

Iím new here. I have a MB SLK 200 (not kompressor) sept. '97, which I bought second hand 2 months ago. It was supposed to have 50.000km when I bought it.
I noticed 2 things that troubled me a bit :

a) When I was running over 160km/h the car gave me the impression that it was really unstable. I thought that my car was bouncing more than it should and I was not feeling comfortable when I was passing beside other cars. I had a 1,4 VW Golf IV before which even with 180km/h gave me a much better sense of stability and safety. I donít know if this happening because its a roadster... Is it possible that there is a problem with my suspension or something? The absorbers and springs have never been changed and are almost 6 years old. Did anybody have a similar problem?

b) I donít have a traction control (ASR) system. Today it rained for the first time after I bought my car and the road was very slippery especially when it first started. When I was pressing normally the pedal, the real side was going like crazy. My SLK has only 136Hp and my tires are also very new (only 2 months old). I had to press it very softly and donít go over 40km/h to be sure I will get home without crashing it. Should I worry about that? Can this problem be connected with the first I had?

Before I buy the car I went to an authorized MB dealer who checked it and told me that the car was in very good condition and it had never crashed.

Thank you in advance

P.S. sorry for my English :p
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